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Capt. J. M. Carter selective views 1840's

J. M. Carter was a Captain of the Royal Regiment. However, he also an amateur artist who exhibited oil paintings at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Society of British Artists.

When he exhibited at the Academy in 1842, he was probably serving overseas, because his work was sent ‘c/o Mr. F. Grant’ (Francis Grant, later President of the Royal Academy). Carter and Grant may have been friends; Carter had exhibited a view of Grant’s home in Regent’s-park’ (presumably a drawing) at the Academy in 1839.

Carter was in Gibraltar by 1844 and two years later published his ‘Select Views of the Rock and Fortress of Gibraltar’, including 14 plates.

By 1847, however, he was already living in Monmouth, in Wales.







Title page - Statue of Lord Heathfield in the Alameda Gardens.






View of the Rock of Gibraltar from Sandy Bay.






The Commercial Square, Commercial Library and Main Guard.






The Alameda - Trooping the Guards.






The Victoria Battery.






The Saluting Battery, Line Wall - Mons Abyla in the distance.






The South Barracks from Rosia Bay.






The Europa Pass.






The Mediterranean Battery.






The Wellington bust - Alameda Gardens.






Southport and Prince Edward's Gates.






The Upper Room of the Gibraltar Garrison Library.






The Rock of Gibraltar from the San Roque Road.






St. Michael's Cave.






Plan of the bay, Rock and town of Gibraltar.