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12-pdr Cannon, Hay's Level

Ref: ORD125

Date: c1770’a                                                                      

Visible Markings:

Material: Cast Iron                                                


Remarks: Thomas Blomefield, as Inspector-General of Artillery, introduced a new system of Ordnance from 1784 onwards. He designed three types of 12-pounder, each being specialised towards a particular function.

The Blomefield pattern 12-pounders were first cast in 1792; in 1794, trials took place between the heavy and medium calibres of that weapon.

The heavy 12-pounder was used in garrison and siege work; the medium was used in the field and the light for the horse artillery.

This particular cannon is of the heavier type at 9 feet in length weighing around 34 cwt and probably used for the defence of ditches or other places where range was not important. By 1857, this type of ordnance was declared obsolete.

This 12-pounder is one of two guns found at Europa Point in 2002 and removed to Hay’s Level for storage.

The 12 pounder recovered from Europa Point, 2002.

The two pieces recovered from Europa Point in 2002, now in storage at Hay's Level.

12-pdr Cannon, Hay's Level Image