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3-pdr Swivel Gun, Hay's Level

Ref: ORD118

Date: c1770’s                                                       

Visible Markings:

Material: Cast Iron                                               


Remarks: Swivel guns were small calibre carronades mounted on forks or swivel stands along the deck railings of ships or on the bow of smaller vessels serving as close-range anti-personnel ordnance. They were highly portable weapons and could be deployed around different parts of the ship to counter any threat, which gave swivel guns a clear advantage over the much larger but less manoeuvrable cannon and even a type carronades.

Swivel guns could fire small calibre round shot, normally up to a 4-pounder. However, they were better used to fire grapeshot or simply packed with hundreds of musket-balls and used to clear the decks of enemy ships prior to boarding, or to repel boarders.

The gun measures around 4 feet in length with a bore size of around 8 cm (3 inches) which identifies it as a 4-pdr.

It is not recorded where this piece was recovered from.

4-pdr gun, the small trunnions indicate this gun was probably mounted on a stanchion.

3-pdr Swivel Gun, Hay's Level Image