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Castle Ramp Shelter

Ref: SH013

Gibraltar City Council No.11 A.R.P. Shelter was a reinforced concrete bomb-proof structure with two entrances - one to the North at Hospital Ramp and another to the South by Pezzi’s Steps. The cost of construction was £3,882.  According to plans from 1939 this bomb-proof shelter was intended to accommodate up to 460 people.

The shelter, which consisted of eight interconnected chambers, was later allotted for use by the Colonial Hospital. It was capable of accommodating either 30 beds in single layer or 60 beds in double tiers.

Some original features still existing within the shelter, including painted signs and hanging metal hooks/supports for the beds.

The original ventilation shafts were later blocked by the small terraced houses built on top of the shelter after WWII. These were demolished and re-developed into four jagged-roof homes in 2017 with included the conversion of the WWII ARP shelter into stores with the entrance through Pezzi’s Steps. The Hospital Ramp entrance remains part of a GibElec sub-station for the Upper Town.

Castle Ramp Shelter.

Original WWII signage.

Original WWII hooks and accessories.

Shelter main corridor with chamber access to either side.

Castle Ramp Shelter Image