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Devil’s Fall Cave– Prehistoric Shelter

Ref: HLCGFP4/004

Devil’s Fall Cave can be found on the cliff face between Camp Bay and Little Bay. It is considered dangerous because the cliff face has a tendency to rock movement.

Devil’s Fall Cave is a four cave system consisting of the following:

Devil’s Fall Cave

Devil's Fall (North)

Devil's Fall (West-Upper) (Crack Cave)

Devil's Fall (West-Lower)

The numerous cannon balls found inside the cave in the 1950’s may have found their way here by rolling down the slope formed originally by the Devil’s Bowling Green where they probably landed during Gibraltar's various 18th century sieges.

George Palao who excavated these caves in the 1970’s also found within the cave a number of Neolithic pottery vessels and pottery fragments – including one with a spout for pouring the contents out.

Almost the entire “Green” was destroyed by the early 20th century when it was used as a quarry to supply stones for the construction of the new harbour.

The cave has been described as dangerous due to the rock fault that runs through this cave.

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Walter Lawrence Pocock in Dev il's Fall Cave, 1963.

Devil's Fall Cave Lawrence Pocock 1963.

Underground Gibraltar Ep 06 Pt 02 - Devil’s Fall Cave

Devil’s Fall Cave– Prehistoric Shelter Image