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Eastern Telegraph Company Marker, Naval Hospital Road

Ref: IN6001

This metal marker is located on the kerb opposite Sunnyside House It marks the location of the underground Eastern Telegraph Company (ETC) cable laid from Camp Bay to Mount Pleasant.


Eastern Telegraph Company

Cable and Wireless traces its history back to a number of British telegraph companies founded in the 1860’s, founded by Sir John Pender. In 1869, Pender founded the Falmouth, Malta, Gibraltar Telegraph Company and the British Indian Submarine Telegraph Company, which connected the Anglo-Mediterranean cable to both Britain to the West and India to the East.

The first submarine telegraph cable started its operation in Gibraltar in 1870. Gibraltar was a landing point for the long-range submarine cable that stretched from Porthcurno, in the United Kingdom to Darwin in Australia.  The cable ran between Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, Suez, Aden, Bombay, then over land to the east coast of India, then on to Penang, Malacca, Singapore, Batavia (current Jakarta), to finally reach Darwin, Australia.

Through the amalgamation and reorganisation of several companies: The Mediterranean Extension Telegraph Co; Malta and Alexandria Telegraph Co; the Anglo-Mediterranean Telegraph Co; the Falmouth, Gibraltar and Malta Telegraph Co; the British-Indian Submarine Telegraph Co; and the Marseilles, Algiers and Malta Telegraph Co; the new company, which in 1872 became known as the Eastern Telegraph Co (ETC) developed to become the largest cable operating company in the world.

Eastern Telegraph Company operated from Mount Pleasant in Gibraltar and eventually became Cable & Wireless operating in Gibraltar until 1987. At its peak the Eastern Telegraph Company operated 160,000 nautical miles (nm) of cables.

Location of Eastern Telegraph Company Marker opposite Sunnyside House, Naval Hospital Road

The Offices and Quarters of the ETC in South Barrack Road.

Eastern Telegraph Company Marker, Naval Hospital Road Image