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Gas Valve No 15

Ref: IN4003

This plaque is located at the junction of Boschetti's Steps and Governoor's Street.

Gas Valves

The Gibraltar Gas Company was established in 1857 with a gas works set up in the South District, in the area now occupied by the Vineyards Estate. Supplying gas to the commercial and residential properties in the North necessitated the laying of new piping. To avoid serious disruptions to trade by digging up the length of Main Street the main gas pipe appears to have been laid along Town Range instead. From there, subsidiary pipes transported gas to the lower and upper parts of town. We can deduce this because along the route, and at different intersections, gas valves were installed above ground: each valve being identified by erecting Gas Valve plaques at different street junctions.

Each Gas Valve plaque had its own distinct number embossed on them giving us distinct clues as to how, and where, the gradual network of gas pipes and valves were laid. Of the surviving plaques found in situ we have recorded the following:

No. 3 Gas Valve                 Mount Pleasant, South Barrack Road

No. 12 Gas Valve              1-3 Library Ramp

No. 13 Gas Valve              6 Prince Edward's Road

No. 15 Gas Valve              Boschetti's Steps

No. 24 Gas Valve              1 George's Lane

No. 27 Gas Valve              1 King's Yard Lane

No. 28 Gas Valve              1 Bell Lane

The Gibraltar Gas Company continued to provide gas to Gibraltarian homes until the late 1960’s when the introduction of the electric cooker and the expansion of new housing estates made gas use redundant.


Gas Valve 15 located at the bottom of Boschetti's Steps.

Gas Valve No 15 Image