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George Don

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The bust of Governor George Don is located in a niche on the East facing façade of the Parliament building. It was commissioned through a public subscription raised by the grateful inhabitants of Gibraltar in 1818.

Arriving in Gibraltar in 1814, during the grip of a serious outbreak of Yellow Fever, Don immediately organised and built an effective sanitation system in the territory, including a clean water supply, a new hospital and the Alameda Botanic Gardens for use by off duty British soldiers and the general public.

Further advances saw the creation of the Gibraltar Courthouse and the first police force outside Metropolitan London in 1830. Two years later, with Don still as Governor the status of Gibraltar changed from The town and garrison of Gibraltar to the Crown Colony of Gibraltar.

Don died of influenza on 17th January 1832 and was buried in the Church of the Holy Trinity which had also been completed during his time as Governor.

The inscription on the marble plinth reads:

By Voluntary Subscription of the Inhabitants

and in Grateful Remembrance of

His Paternal Government,

Under which this Building was erected,

Anno Domini 1818

Is placed this Bust of


Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Guelphic Order,

And Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of

Military Merit of France,

General of His Majesty’s Forces

Colonel of the Thirty Sixth Regiment of Foot

Lieutenant Governor

And Commander in Chief of the Garrison

And Territory of Gibraltar

&c. &c. &c.




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