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historical restored anchor Ocean Village

Ref: HA005

This anchor is of a traditional pattern known as the Admiralty Pattern, or AP, adopted by the British Admiralty in 1852, but similar in shape to anchors dating back to as early as the late 4th century BC. They were known as Rodger's anchor in recognition of Lieutenant Rodger who designed it. Rodger's anchor marked a great departure from the form of previous anchors. The arms were formed in one piece, and were pivoted at the crown on a bolt passing through the forked shank.

From the amount of erosion and the fact the movable stock is missing it is probable that this anchor was used to anchor a mooring buoy within the port harbor or outside in the Bay of Gibraltar. Many of these mooring anchors were left on the sea-bed when decommissioned but some were lifted in the 1980’s during dredging operations around the dock area and are now displayed on land.

historical restored anchor Ocean Village Image