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John Mackintosh

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The bust of the late John Mackintosh is installed in a niche on the West facing façade of the Parliament building, overlooking John Mackintosh Square which had been renamed in his honour following his passing in 1940. Originally, the statue had stood at the end of the square just in front of the City Hall facing the Parliament building but was removed to this new location after a major refurbishment of the entire square. The bust and plaque memorial to his name was unveiled in April, 1974. The inscription below the bust reads:

This bust was erected by public subscription

in memory of



a great benefactor of Gibraltar

after whom this square is named

John Mackintosh was a Gibraltarian philanthropist and benefactor who had made his fortune selling coal to the Royal Navy. Throughout his life he had been deeply interested in the welfare of his native Gibraltar and addressing the needs of the aged, sick and poor. He was also very keen in fostering the connection of Gibraltar and Great Britain and provisions were included in his Will written on the 6th March 1938 which were specifically designed to strengthen those ties which were to be realised through a Trust in his name.

John Mackintosh died at the same house in which he was born and lived all his life, 22 Prince Edward’s Road, on the 28th February 1940 and his passing was mourned by the whole fortress. A few months later almost the entire population of Gibraltar was evacuated. It was therefore not until after the Second World War and the return of the civilian population that the benefits of his Will began to affect the everyday lives of the people of Gibraltar.

Over time, the provisions of the John Mackintosh Trust have provided the following facilities for the local community:

John Mackintosh Hall

The John Mackintosh Hall Trust built on the site of the old military Grand Stores destroyed after the Bedenham explosion in 1951. The John Mackintosh Hall was opened to the public by the then Governor, General Sir Dudley Ward, on 8th April, 1964. In compliance with the specifics of the Will, the new hall contained a library, theatre/conference hall, gymnasium and wing for higher education as well as spacious halls for exhibitions and other public functions.

John Mackintosh Wing, St. Bernard’s Hospital

The John Mackintosh Wing with 76 beds which was opened on the 22nd September, 1969, by the Governor and Admiral of the Fleet Sir Varyl Begg who described it as a magnificent modern hospital splendidly equipped for medical and surgical work including an intensive care unit for medical and surgical work including an intensive care unit for cardiac cases and a nurses training school.

John Mackintosh Homes

Three homes for the aged were built and maintained by the Mackintosh Trust, namely, Mount Alvernia in St Bernard’s Road, the Anglican home (now leased to a bank by the Board of Governors of the Homes) and the Jewish Home, both in Line Wall Road. They were completed in 1964 and funds were allocated by the Trust to meet the annual running expenses. In 1972 the Trust endowed the Homes with a sum of £1millon and a final settlement of a further £600,000 in 1992. Subsequently the maintenance was taken over by the Government. The Mackintosh Homes are virtually the only care facility available to our senior citizens.

Victoria Stadium

The Victoria Stadium forms part of the main sporting complex in Gibraltar. The financial assistance given to the Gibraltar Sports Association, especially by Mrs Mackintosh was such, that the stadium was named after her.

Student Scholarships

Some £20,000 are provided annually for student scholarships and grants.

The Magistrates’ Poor Fund

This fund was vested in the body of Justices of the Peace providing some £4,500 relief for the poor and needy annually.

On National Day 2008, following a public announcement by then Mayor of Gibraltar, Solomon Levy, John Mackintosh was posthumously awarded the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour by Parliament for his services to philanthropy.


Original bust location on a plinth at the west end of the 1974 piazza enclosure.

Potrait of John Mackintosh.

John Mackintosh Image