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Queen Victoria bust & column

Ref: BU006

This memorial to Her Majesty Queen Victoria was erected in Governor’s Parade on behalf of the people of Gibraltar and unveiled by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Frederick Forrestier Walker on 24th May 1910. The marble bust of the Queen was sculpted by the renowned Italian artist Pietro Lazzarini; its Gibraltar limestone pillar and pedestal originally incorporated a drinking fountain.

At the time of its unveiling, it occupied a strategic position in the Square, just opposite the Gibraltar Garrison Library; however, in 1938 it was moved to the present position as a result of excavation works undertaken in connection with the construction of the underground Civil Defence Shelters in this area.  The latter had two sloping entrances, one to the south and the other to the north which were often used by children as slides and known as ‘los rebalizos’.

In the 1970s, the statue of Queen Victoria suffered considerable damage, especially to the Maltese cross diadem, when it was toppled over by a drunken sailor.

Queen Victoria bust & column Image