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The Convent Guard House

Ref: HLBP1/008

It is believed the Convent Guard House was most likely constructed in the early 1700s when the convent became the Governor’s residence. Two brass guns stand outside the building.

The Guard House appears in the Charles Warren 1865 map almost exactly as it stands today.

In 2013, the Government tabled proposals to improve the main entrance to No 6 Convent Place. The new changes included the current Convent Guard room being converted into the new reception for No 6. The exterior of the building thus returned to its original shape before being repaired.

A new doorway, to face on to the Convent now serves as an entrance for the Guard to march out of when mounting Guard. The new door is faced with authentic stones taken from the old Buena Vista barracks.

A Government statement noted, ‘these enhancements will provide the Regiment with a purpose-built Guardroom containing modern showers and washing facilities whilst also giving a more attractive, professional and secure entrance to No 6. It is significant that the overall appearance of a square which is visited by thousands of tourists every year will be visually improved without any loss of Gibraltar’s military heritage.

The changing of the guard outside the Convent is one of the military ceremonies which can be seen. It takes place several times daily on week-days and special ceremonial events are held at regular intervals throughout the year.

The Guard House is now used as the reception for No 6 Convent Place, the Office of the Chief Minister.

Old Convent Guard House now the main entrance to No. 6 Convent Place

The Convent Guard House Image